Custom cookies and chocolates for gifts, entertaining, special events, and even retail outlets.

All items are made-to-order. Check website for menu ideas, but remember, you can customize anything to your preferences. Just let The Sugar Mommy know what you like and that's what you'll get!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Perfect Holiday Favors

I had to share! I I am just so excited about my new holiday packaging that ordered Christmas, Chanukah, and winter printed bags and ribbon, as well as Chinese takeout containers. I've been making snowflake, Star of David, and Christmas ornament chocolates and packaging them in the bags. Then I wrap the peanut butter cups in red, green, and gold foil (since I have white, milk, and dark chocolate) and put either in big snowflake bags or the takeout containers, so cute! Perfect for a party you're having so you can give each guest a favor. Also great for office/corporate gifts. Call or email for pricing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Does Anything NOT Go With Chocolate??

So, I've been experimenting with new menu items and I'm trying to figure out if there's anything out there that simply doesn't go well with chocolate.

I mean, sure there are the usual pairings - nuts, raisins, Krispies cereal, strawberries. But what about granola, Corn Flakes, dried mango, Ritz crackers?
Do you have a favorite odd chocolate pairing that you found somewhere once a long time ago and wish you could rediscover?
Well, the magic of The Sugar Mommy is that you can get all those wishes answered. Swedish fish, no problem. Circus peanuts, piece of cake. Potato chips, cinch!
Just name your passion and The Sugar Mommy will deliver!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Holidays for All!

Usually when people think of the holidays, they really mean just one holiday...Christmas! But let's not forget Thanksgiving and Chanukah, not to mention winter in general.
So The Sugar Mommy is excited about new holiday creations for all your gift-giving needs. I have purchased great ingredients to make holiday orders even more special. As if my chocolate covered pretzels weren't good enough, you can now add gingerbread men sprinkles or peppermint candy cane sprinkles or even blue and white Stars of David. I also have green and red sprinkles, snowflake sprinkles, and holiday colored m&ms.
In addition, I have chocolate molds in the shapes of Jewish stars, Chanukah items, ornaments, and snowflakes.
And I'm in the process of ordering holiday packaging items, such as clear bags and ribbon.
I figure if I'm going to hit the holiday shopping show circuit, I better be prepared.
So please contact me to find out where to find The Sugar Mommy this holiday season.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Your Wish is My Command

What not everyone realizes about The Sugar Mommy is that all products are made-to-order. Some friends have asked me if I would consider opening a store, but in all honesty, as much as it sounds fun, glamorous, and exciting to be a part of the local retail community, it would completely contradict everything The Sugar Mommy represents.
Obviously, the items you find in a chocolate store are delicious...but they aren't made-to-order. Sure, the dipped strawberries are fresh and the dipped pretzels are crunchy, but they simply aren't made-to-order.
Well, it means that anything you want, I make! If you want your strawberries dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, no problem. If you want the exact opposite, no problem. If you want both, no problem!
If you want chocolate dipped pretzels sprinkled with sugary candy canes, no problem. If you want them sprinkled with jimmies, no problem. If you want them sprinkled with nonpareils, no problem. Crushed nuts, no problem. Toasted cocunut, no problem.
So, when you're planning those holiday gifts and hostess presents and entertaining platters, please thing of The Sugar Mommy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holiday Gifts - Food is the Way to Anyone's Heart

Who do you need to buy a holiday gift for this year:

  • friend

  • neighbor

  • bus driver

  • teachers

  • day car provider

  • babysitter

  • librarian

  • tutor

  • dance, music, gymnastics instructor

  • other child activity instructor

  • nail salon technician

  • hair stylist

  • cleaning lady

  • handyman

  • secretary/assistant

With all of these people in mind, gift giving can be both expensive and EXHAUSTING! Well, the one gift that always puts a smile on someone's face is FOOD, specifically SWEETS!

Be it a bag of peanut butter cups wrapped in the recipient's favorite foil color, chocolate covered pretzels sprinkled with your choice of topping, or a combination of all things nut, coconut, or raisin, The Sugar Mommy can create the gifts for everyone on your list.

It's one stop-shopping! Check out our menu and place your order today.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Referral Rewards - Get Free Product!

In an effort to grow my customer database and increase business exposure, I am implementing a referral rewards program. All you have to do is provide me with a list of 10 potential customers. But that doesn't mean just jotting down a list of people straight from your address book. It means thinking of the poeple you know who would likely purchase gourmet, made-to-order candy and cookies, AND checking with them to see if they'd mind you sharing their contact info with me so that I can get in touch and keep them on a promotional mailing list.

It's pretty simple. I mean, if I were going to go out to You You, there are friends I would think of bringing because they also like sushi, and others I wouldn't invite because I already know they hate it. Another example: if I had tickets to a Patriots game, there are certain friends I'd invite because they are football fans, and others I wouldn't. Same idea. You have friends who like to purchase, eat, and gift chocolate and treats and others who don't (although hopefully not many). Your job is to give me 10 names, emails, and phone numbers of people who are in the former category.

Email, call, tweet me, or whatever and let me know that you want to participate. If you provide me with 10 viable contacts, then you receive a free bag of assorted Sugar Mommy chocolates. It's a no-brainer. If you give me 20 names, you get 2 bags, 30 names, you get 3 bags, and so on. I hope to hear from you soon. Spread the word!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Need Suggestions

So I'm planning for three big holiday shows

coming up and obviously I need to bring samples.
First, there's my barn sale at my friend Kathy's house in Candia, NH, on November 5. She sells wine glasses that are so funky. Then there's the Bedford Shop Til You Drop on November 7. Then there's a house party I'm doing first week of December.

The big question is: what should I bring for samples?

I'd love your thoughts and in addition, I'd love your attendance.

Check out my menu on my website and please let me know what you think I should make.