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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need Paying Customers

I love charity work. I mean, seriously, who doesn't enjoy giving back to the community! And I've been able to use The Sugar Mommy as a way of giving back. Whenever I've been solicited for donations, I've done my best to oblige. I take pride in being charitable and it feels good to know that I've helped an organization either save money on sweets or to raise money through a raffle or auction.

But, sorry to say, enough is enough. I've actually considered going to the state and changing my status from LLC to 503C nonprofit. I guess I'm not expecting to send my kids to college with my earnings, but it would be great to cover my costs and have a little extra for all my time and energy. While I'm trying my best to take my endeavor seriously, I need others to do the same. It seems as though some people think it's just a hobby of mine and that I have nothing better to do than shell out hundreds of dollars on ingredients just so they can get free food.

I know how this sounds. I love giving to charity and helping others. But I am a business woman, a "mompreneur" who wants to find success. Check out the website and let me know what you think. I'd love feedback on menu and prices and pictures, whatever you want to say.

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