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Saturday, December 5, 2009


'Tis the season for cookies...although I have no qualms about baking and eating them year-round.

I tried calculating what I need to make over the next four weeks for customers and events, and I was scared at the math. I guess I better get to the store to get more eggs, flour, and sugar, since I have about 75 batches to make. Yes, that's 75 batches!

So, let's do some arithmetic. If a batch of cookies uses 2 eggs, and 2 times 75 equals 150, and there are 18 eggs in each package I buy...I need to buy 8.33 packages of eggs. Will that even fit in my fridge?

Anyway, here are some shots of today's work. Enjoy! And I hope to hear from you with your very own cookie order...might as well make it 80 or 100 at this point.

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