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Friday, December 4, 2009

Overwhelmed, in a good way

Wow, I can't believe it. I have already attended three holiday shopping events and now I am getting ready to fill lots of orders and get prepared for the WZID wedding expo.
This is my first holiday season in business and I had a lot of expectations. Some have been met, and some have not. But I'm sticking with this thing because I love it and am committed...and I have current orders to fill and will make lots of enemies if I quit now.
WZID is an awesome radio station. If you don't live in NH, you can listen online. And my friend Jen is a big shot there and she is super supportive and really great at giving me opportunities for exposure and growth. Like the wedding expo. I'm getting a booth with a friend of mine who sells invitations, so that reduces the cost for both of us. And it's great that we can direct interested brides to the other's table.
In addition to creating a eye-catching tablescape for the expo, I am also providing the station with 300 cupcakes...yes, I said 300. The cupcakes will be on display for select brides to maul and mutilate while searching for a hidden wedding ring. Those 300 cupcakes will get me key radio advertising, so it's a good trade...but lots and lots and lots of work.
Oh, and before the wedding expo, I am providing the station with their corporate gifts this year. Yeah me! That means my chocolates and cookies will get in the hands of lots of local businesses who advertise with the radio station (and hopefully need corporate gifts of their own in the future). But it's a lot of work and it's due really soon.
So, I guess all of this new business means I probably won't be tending to this blog as much as I want.
But I hope you'll follow me on twitter and keep checking my website for updating information about products and events.

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