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Thursday, July 16, 2009


My latest project is getting proper labels for my packaging. I tried using white Avery labels and printing on my home color deskjet and they've been ok, but just didn't look very professional. Then I bought Avery clear labels but for some reason they weren't totally clear, so they looked great on my white candy boxes but terrible on my clear bags. Ready to throw in the towel and spend hundreds on a roll of fancy glossy labels, I decided to call a local copy shop to ask their thoughts.
Well, wouldn't you know, they have a designer on hand who has been so helpful, even giving me samples to take home to see how they look, feel, and fit.
The Copy Shop in Merrimack, NH, is a great place with really nice people working there who actual know what they're doing and offer suggestions for how to solve problems.
Now I'm on my way to getting glossy sheets of labels for all my candy packaging needs!

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